Street Fighter 6: Best Control Type To Use

What is the best control scheme to use in Street Fighter 6?

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Street Fighter 6 offers three control schemes for players to use off the bat: Classic TypeDynamic Type, and Modern Type, all of which can be refined in the options menu. This raises the question of which type is better, and the answer depends on your level of experience and the character you wish to play.

The Dynamic Type controls are part of Street Fighter 6’s accessibility push, as they do most of the work for the player, with the computer choosing the best course of action based on their input. This is great for casual fans or those unable to use the more advanced control schemes, but it likely won’t be seen in competitive play.

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The Best Street Fighter 6 Control Type – Modern Type Vs. Classic Type

Image via Capcom

Street Fighter 6’s Classic Type controls are the ones that fans have been using since the days of the original Street Fighter arcade game, with the player performing moves via a mixture of face buttons and directional inputs. The Modern Type controls are closer to Super Smash Bros., with special moves requiring only a single button + directional input to perform.

On the surface, it might seem like Street Fighter 6 Modern Type controls are the better option, as they require fewer inputs to perform special attacks and less chance of the player screwing them up. Capcom has balanced this by ensuring that specials perform around 20% less damage when used with the Modern Type controls. This offsets how easy it is to perform specials, Overdrive Arts, and Special Arts with this control scheme.

The other issue with the Modern Type controls in Street Fighter 6 is that the player isn’t given access to their full arsenal of normal attacks. Modern Type controls give the player a Normal, Medium, and Heavy attack button without assigning them to punches and kicks, as the game determines what moves they will use. This is offset with the Assist button, which lets the player easily string together multi-hit combos.

By comparison, the Classic Type controls give players full access to their arsenal at all times, though it will take slightly longer to perform the moves, and there is always the chance that human error will screw up the attack before it happens. For the high-level players, the Classic Type controls will be the ones they want to use.

The biggest advantage of Modern Type controls is the reliability of certain specials, as some characters have much harder inputs than others. A great example of this is Zangief, who has always had some of the most difficult specials to perform, yet these are much easier to throw out using Modern Type controls, even if the damage is lessened.

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The Modern Type controls are ideal for those who want to learn Street Fighter 6 and get used to the game’s various systems before graduating to the Classic Type controls if they want a more expansive arsenal. This won’t be the case for everyone, as some characters will thrive under the Modern Type controls, and this new era of easy special attacks will heavily influence the competitive scene.