Super Mario Maker 2: How to use 3D World Items in Any Game Variant


There’s a new glitch in Super Mario Maker 2 that allows players to incorporate all items in every kind of Mario course, including exclusive items from Super Mario 3D World.

Mario Maker 2 is a game that allows gamers to create their own Mario courses. Players receive plenty of tools to create their own Mario levels. Most items and enemies from the Mario games are available, and players can theme courses based on the different aesthetics from the Mario games. For example, gamers can create a course in the same style as either Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. 3.

Certain items are exclusive to particular themed Mario courses. For instance, clear pipes can only exist in 3D World courses. However, there is a new glitch that allows gamers to use any items in all types of courses.

How to use 3D World Items in Any Game Variant

The video below reveals in detail how to accomplish this glitch. There’s a Kotaku article that also explains how the glitch works.

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The first thing you do is create a new stage. Place a question block on the screen, and then put a track over the block. Attach a coin to the track, and proceed to delete the track. Removing the track forces the coin and question block to exist in the same spot, even though that should be impossible within the game.

After that, you need to place any item on the screen; this newly placed item will then get pinned on the upper right-most item bar on the screen. Save this course, and try loading it again. The game will recognize the course as being corrupted, so it deletes it.

The next step is that you must repeatedly make a new course until you start in a 3D World theme course. The item that gets pinned on the top right task-bar should still save, and players can place that pinned item on their new 3D World course. But the pinned item became a “converted item,” and it will be invisible in the course.

You then repeat the process from earlier, place a question block, and then put a track over the block. Attach a coin to the track, delete the track, and then put an item on the screen. Rather than set in any item, though, place a 3D World exclusive item. The item gets pinned on the top right corner, and it will become a “converted item,” and you can place it in any other Mario-theme world. It will be invisible, but it will have the same properties.

The video shows what the different items will look like invisible, including the clear pipes and the boots. The video is from SilicatYT – Glitch Tutorials’ YouTube channel.