How many courses can you upload to Course World online in Super Mario Maker 2?


Super Mario Maker 2, as you can imagine from the title, is a game all about creating your own unique Mario levels for others to play online.

Using Course World, fans can upload their creations online (so long as they own a Nintendo Online Paid account) to have others try to complete their courses. There are thousands of courses uploaded every minute, and it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd and have others notice, like, and make your creation accessible, but when it does happen, it can feel so enjoyable and rewarding.

Of course, there is a limit to just how many creations can be uploaded online. You can’t expect to be able to upload as many courses as you want, this is Nintendo we are talking about after all. The team does not have the server capacity to keep a hold of unlimited courses.

As such, we just wanted to let you know that you will only ever be able to upload 32 different courses at a time to Super Mario Maker 2’s online Course World, and should decide carefully what type of courses you want to upload before doing so.

You can always remove courses in the future as well if you want to update your portfolio, but you can never go past this number— so choose your favorites wisely.