The Best Rider Class For You In Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing brings a different dynamic to the kart racing genre. Rather than a solo effort, you are part of a team that must work together to beat other teams by placing the highest overall collectively. With this, teams come with three different classes of racer: the Speed Class, the Technique Class, and the Power Class.

Each of the three has unique skills that make their role as part of the team clear, and each racer performs differently in terms of how fast they are and how well they handle and drift around corners. There is enough variation in the styles that picking a class to play as will require a different approach.

Here is our guide to getting the most out of each class:

Speed Class

The speed class is all about driving smooth and driving fast. Picking a character in the Speed class will generally have fairly good all-around stats with a very high top speed. These are the characters that you will want to focus on picking up as many rings as you can as this will boost that top speed way above what the other two classes will be capable of. If you’re good at maintaining high speeds and can take on the role of the main leader of your team to help with slingshot streams, Speed will be your pick.

Any customization that you can add to increase the top speed and handling will benefit the Speed class the most. Due to the number of ways to get back up to normal speed after spinning out, acceleration isn’t as important so you can afford to lose some for the other improvements.


Technique Class

Want to be able to drift around corners like a pro? The Technique class is all about taking on those tighter corners at speed and then bursting away as you exit. With the best handling and the highest acceleration of the three classes, you won’t always be at the front of the pack, but you are by far the best placed to take advantage of both skim boosting your teammates and keeping in line with the slingshot stream when diving into corners.

The other advantage to the Technique class helps with rough terrain. Unlike the other two classes, riding across the dirt does not cause a loss of speed. This isn’t useful on every track, but there are enough that you can take advantage of this to take the most direct route when available. Any customization to improve handling will help with your drifting further, while you can also sacrifice the already high acceleration for some top speed, or item improvements to help improve all-around stats or utility.

Power Class

On the racetrack in Team Sonic Racing, being the biggest racer around can have its benefits. You can boss people around, and you’re big enough to take down some obstacles that open up some shortcuts for your team to take advantage of. It’s not the quickest class or the most nimble around corners, but they can pick up the best Wisps that the game can offer, and also receive the biggest boost when coming off of slipstreams or a skin boost. Keeping to the lines is important, but the Power class very much acts as the team’s support role and is very good at it.

It is recommended when customizing the karts that you add some acceleration as when you don’t have a teammate close by to boost you, getting back up to speed can take some time. As you’d only really be competing with other Power racers for size, you can sacrifice some defense for it safely.

Whichever class you decide to go with, always play to its strengths and remember that you’ll always find better results when playing as a team. Allow for an easy slingshot boost, make sure you get that skimboost to spinning teammates, and share items where possible to bring your team back into contention for top spots.

We hope this helps bring out the best in your game. Happy racing!