Temtem roadmap includes ranked, climbing gear, new Temtems, and plans for more

The Temtem roadmap explained and broken down


It’s no doubt that since Temtem’s release, it’s been a bigger hit than many predicted. Developers Crema have already sold over half a million copies since it’s release on Jan. 21, capturing the hearts of fans who continue to play.

Today, Crema has laid out a roadmap of all of the new things coming to the game through fall 2020.

Image via Crema

Spring 2020 Update


  • Balance Updates
    Balance changes will be made until the roster of Temtems is completed, which implies that the developers do see the amount of temtems as a finite number
  • Matchmaking V1
    The first iteration of ranked with a call for rank via placement matches, and as a reward for testing the new mode, players have the opportunity to win some pansuns, which is the game’s currency
  • Auto-Scaling
    For the sake of leveling the playing field, all Temtems are set to the max level (48) and all SVs will be maxed out at 50. Note that TVs remain the same, so if you planned your TVs based on balancing out a low SV, that stat will be through the roof

Spectator Mode V1

Due to fan demand, Crema added a spectator mode for competitive matches much earlier than originally intended. Spectators will only see the fighting Temtem’s health and stamina bars, which makes watch an effortless event.

In-Game Chat

Temtem has been missing an in-chat feature for players to communicate with one another while they play in the game. Crema has added it in, allowing for:

  • Global chat
  • Local chat
  • Trade chat
  • Club chat

There will also be the addition of chat bubbles over talking players, but these can also be scaled down or turned off.


Clubs are basically guilds. Invite friends and create a name and banner to represent the group.

There will also be a new mode called Dojo Wars. Info on this is coming soon.

Summer 2020 Update

New island: Kisiwa

Kisiwa will be the home of 25 new Temtems.

Player Housing

The beautiful Atoll Row is finally going to open its doors and allow every player to have a home, with infinite space. The furniture stores around the archipelago will open, and you can make an expensive home of your own that you can invite friends to check out.

Some furniture you can add to your will have additional uses, such as:

  • Incubators
    These will most likely be for hatching eggs not in your party
  • Jukeboxes
    These will most likely be for choosing the soundtrack in your home
  • Fruit Trees
    These will most likely be for growing enchancer and weakener fruits

Climbing Gear

Remember all of those rocky cliffs you’ve passed? This update will finally add the gear need to climb those jagged rocks, opening up so many new hidden locations to explore and unique items to find.

Emotes V2

More emotes will be added to the game.

Fall 2020 Update

New island: Cipanku

Cipanku will also be the home of 25 new Temtems. There will also be the first-ever Mythical Temtem added to the game, but it isn’t clear yet if it will be on Cipanku, or acquired elsewhere.

In-Game Tournaments

While tournaments can be held for Temtem out in the real world already, this update will add tournaments directly in the Temtem game client.

Quest Diary

Information on this has not been released yet, but it is most likely a better way to track and record the quest you are currently doing and have already done.


Temtem will be adding achievements to the game and these will be both in-game and for each platform that Temtem comes to in the future. Completing the Tempedia is confirmed to be an achievement, but there will be many smaller goals as well.

These are several of the different features we can expect to see in Temtem over the next few months of the game’s development. You can expect to learn more details about each respective update as we draw closer to their release. The spring update for Temtem is expected to release within the next few months, but we do not have the exact details at this time.

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