The 10 scariest and creepiest Minecraft seeds

Minecraft seeds to play with the lights turned off.

Image via Minecraft Forums

Minecraft sometimes has a weirdly contrasting nature, going from bright and cheerful to horrific in a snap. It’s been immortalized in the internet gaming culture numerous times — meeting the Ender, zombie raids, claustrophobic caverns filled with spiders, the Herobrine hoax, and more. Not everything is colorful and placid in the blocky world, and sometimes you might feel like playing a Minecraft seed that invites those scary moments. For just such an occasion we will list our suggestions for the 10 best scary and creepy seeds for Minecraft.

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The spookiest world seeds in Minecraft

10. Seed: 646887542

Everything about this seed screams post-apocalyptic and strange. You will find yourself in a desolate world devoid of life. Or more appropriately, friendly life. There are plenty of ruins, abandoned villages, dilapidated architecture, and more. Roaming the world are zombies, skeletons, and other Minecraft monstrosities, so it’s easy to tell a tale of a lone survivor in a world on the brink of an end.

9. Seed: 344242324807358333

In this seed, you spawn near a village. So far so good, just a harmless, friendly village. And smack in the middle of the said village is a ruined Nether portal. It’s very easy to draw parallels between this seed’s start and the village of Tristram from Diablo. Repair the portal at your own peril, defend against whatever comes from the other side, and then brave the Nether realm for its riches.

8. Seed: 5911551324655502

As you probably know, when you spawn in a new world in Minecraft, you spawn with nothing on you. No weapons, no tools, nothing. So what happens when you spawn in the middle of a village that’s completely infested with zombies? You can try this seed to find out because that’s exactly what happens. Test your best Minecraft survival and combat knowledge and skills, think on your feet, and try to succeed in your very own Walking Dead reenactment. 

7. Seed: 2103285228

Scary things come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the feeling of dread of something odd can be just as scary as sudden jump-scares. That feeling of something being just plain wrong. In this Minecraft seed, there is a ravine that holds a scary secret. Propped in the middle of it, as if floating in mid-air or being suspended by the cliff sides is a Jungle Temple. It’s extremely difficult to reach, but full of riches, so you’ll surely want to try. But how did it get there? Why does it look so weird? It’s up to you to find out.

6. Seed: 633155865

Acrophobia is when vertigo and fear of heights are taken to their most extreme end. In this seed, there is a Woodland Mansion positioned on top of a massively tall mountainous pillar. It’s going to be hard to get to it, but just the sight of it is scarily spectacular. It can make you dizzy just to crane your virtual neck up to stare at the structure, but what would the sight be like from it’s pinnacle is a question too interesting not to find out.

5. Seed: 575901225

Every list of scary things should include a haunted house in a spooky forest — it’s just tradition. In this seed, you can find yourself spawning near a Dark Woods biome. If you’re brave enough to venture there, you’ll soon find yourself stumbling across an abandoned village filled with the animated corpses of its former inhabitants, all in the shadow of a spooky Woodland Mansion overlooking the lost settlement.

4. Seed: 154840049486770795

It’s an interesting stat that not too many players have successfully faced and beaten the Ender. Many did so only after years of trying, a lot of experience and honing of skills. Others simply enjoy building so much that they don’t even bother. In this seed, you spawn already close to the End Portal, with its Ender Eyes staring right into your soul. This is the perfect opportunity to try that “Naked Ender kill” run and become famous.

3. Seed: 289849025

Nature abhors symmetry and order. That makes this seed particularly unsettling because the world it spawns is filled with unnatural repetitions of patterns, objects, and biomes, all in a very systematic and artificial manner. You have to see it to believe it, but it’s either the laziest or scariest thing you’ve ever seen, depending on where you fall on the cosmic horror spectrum.

2. Seed: 503820117

Woodland Mansions seem to be the perfect place to craft some Minecraft scary stories around. So much so, that the world seed generator can’t help but pepper them with different scary possibilities. This seed features a Woodland Mansion with a secret under it. If you manage to brave its corridors and get past the Pillagers that occupy it, you can unearth a ruined portal. And who knows to what horrors that portal then leads, but we know for sure it can’t be anywhere good.

1. Seed: 206889990

Exploring a Nether Fortress can be pretty scary under then normal Minecraft circumstances. The mobs hit hard, there are many of them, and they don’t die easily. But for those who want a scary challenge for the ages, this seed provides two Nether Fortress’ spawned practically melded together. That’s right, it’s double Nether Fortress, with double everything to be afraid of. You can find them if you go to coordinates 300, 300; just make sure that you can handle what’s lurking inside.