How to find Woodland Mansions in Minecraft

Loot and a new pre-built woodland home.

Image via Minecraft wiki

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There are dozens of special structures that can spawn in your Minecraft world. They often hide valuable loot and unique challenges and dangers. Various temples, ruins, and special biomes can all be found if you look long enough. One such structure is the Woodland Mansion, a large forest structure that you will want to check out when you’re ready to take on the dangers lurking inside. And if you manage to clear it, you may even be able to take it as your own and make it your new forest home. This guide will explain how to best go about finding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft.

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Where to find the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

When you’re out looking for the Woodland Mansion, you should bear in mind the conditions of how it generates in your world. The Woodland Mansion can only be found in the Dark Forest biome and will never generate closer than a thousand blocks from your spawn point. Unless you stumble onto one by accident, your best bet to find one is to get ‘woodland explorer maps’ from cartographer villagers.

These maps will point you in a general direction to the nearest Woodland Mansion but will not pinpoint its location for you. It’s also useful to remember that for a Woodland Mansion to generate in a Dark Forest biome; it requires a minimum of 32 blocks of Dark Forest on all sides from its edges. If you’re playing with a cheat console on, then the command to find the nearest mansion is: /locate structure mansion.

What is in the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Woodland Mansions are one of the few places in the game where a player can acquire the Totem of Undying. Otherwise, you’d have to look into raiding to get the item. However, the mansion is also inhabited by Evokers and Vindicators, and passive Allays. It counts as low-light, which means that other monsters can spawn in the mansion, too, so you have to be on your guard until you renovate. The mansion itself is a sprawling structure with several special rooms for you to explore.