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The 5 best hot tub streamers on Twitch

Stymie the heat by cooling off with these hot tub streamers.

Twitch has had an undeniable impact on video games throughout its tenure thus far, from the early days of Justin.TV to the Amazon buyout, and there is no sign of it stopping. Yet, Twitch has seen fit to stretch its creator army from video games to IRL streamers, and from IRL to a new streamer archetype noted as ‘hot tub streamers.’

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Found within the Twitch category ‘Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches,’ this new wave of streamers focus more on personal aesthetics. The primary draw of a hot tub streamer is their body, and they draw attention to it in a myriad of ways — scrawling the names of subscribers on themselves, provocative postures, and a litany of various swimsuits to keep the viewers’ attention.

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For this piece, streams were ranked based on the following specific criteria to ensure accurate sorting:

  • Active time
    • Many streamers will walk away from the camera for hours at a time, either forgetting they were online or simply intending to bait subs and follows during this time. Streamers that failed to average a minimum active time of 90% across three streams were heavily penalized in the final scoring.
  • Viewer interaction/distractibility
    • Some viewed streamers had difficulty putting down their phone, meaning viewers were watching the top of their heads while they were texting with besties and tweeting up a storm. Still, reality happens no matter how a streamer presents themselves, so this category was softly weighted against overall follow-count that determined how often a streamer was distracted by something off-camera, and how long the distraction lasted.
  • Variety
    • Variety is the spice of life, and even for the hot tub streamers, a pinch of something new is necessary to keep content attractive. Whether it’s new games, taking the stream IRL to a venue, or just bringing in new friends, mixing it up brings a greater overall value to our scoring.
  • Popularity
    • Overall popularity of a hot tub streamer seems like an ideal metric to find the ‘best’ of the group, but it can be misleading due to the first three qualifiers. The most beautiful hot tub streamer, or most classically attractive, means little if the stream itself is a snooze. Nonetheless, popularity was given weight (similar to variety) as a means of letting the people vote.

Here are the five best hot tub streamers on Twitch, in ascending order.

5) Kaellyn

Image via KaellynTV

While other streamers may be more at home in the studio, Kaellyn brings her audience everywhere. From mixed martial arts to the shores of Greece, Kaellyn isn’t afraid to step out into the wild blue yonder. Kaellyn appears to be restarting her Twitch channel after a hiatus that lasted almost ten months.

4) LittleLianna

Image via LittleLianna

Little Lianna has only been streaming on her current Twitch channel since December 2021, and since then has experienced astronomical growth thanks to her big personality stuffed into her small frame. Her streaming schedule can be erratic at times, but viewers always find her a treat to catch.

3) Amouranth

Image via Amouranth

There isn’t much left to be said about the trailblazer of hot tub streamers — controversial, amusing, and a well-known entity across the Twitch platform, Amouranth has taken her ability to turn a head or two and has crafted an empire. The only reason this maven of Twitch eroticism is currently ranked lower is due to her recent penchant for leaving the stream, occasionally for hours at a time.

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2) TheDanDangler

Image via TheDanDangler

In the number 2 spot is Danyell streaming under the name TheDanDangler, who comfortably straddles the line between conventional streaming and bizarre, often hopping between the two with ease. A veteran of the platform, TheDanDangler has been on Twitch since late 2019 and recently finds herself either in Just Chatting, or the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category.

1) iBabyRainbow

Image via iBabyRainbow

A classic hot tub streamer, iBabyRainbow lives in a swanky pad in California on the beach. In her backyard is both a pool and the beach, meaning this streamer experiences both. In the past week, she has gone fishing off the back deck, worked on her yoga, and grilled more than a handful of times. Her candy-kid persona may remind some of the raves of yesteryear, and her chat interactions are consistently interesting.

Most telling of iBabyRainbow, however, is her explosive growth on the streaming platform. With her casual persona and seemingly spontaneous trips to various cities of the U.S., iBabyRainbow is currently one of the fastest-growing hot tub streamers on Twitch.

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