The best hunter abilities in Wildermyth

Create the best hunter possible in Wildermyth.

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The hunter class can be quite unique in Wildermyth. Depending on how you create them, and how their story progresses, they can become a powerful ranged hero, or you can have them become a competent melee fighter, attacking an enemy and entering the shadows after killing a foe. How you make them is up to you, and these are some of the best abilities you can teach your hunter hero.


Your ranged hunter can create a trap for enemies with the Ambush ability. Using a turn, they can choose to cover a 3×3 grid on the battlefield, and any foe that enters it will receive a ranged attack from the hunter. It’s a good way to create a chokepoint on the battlefield, especially if your hunter cannot hit any enemies from their current position. In addition, you can upgrade it so any foe hit by the attack won’t be able to move after the attack.


Because most of the time you’re going to keep your hunter at a range, you want to give them the Archery ability. Whenever a ranged attack is attempted against them or nearby allies, the hunter can respond with a ranged attack of their own against that enemy. You can place your hunter next to your mystics or other hunters to protect them when battling any ranged combatants. You can upgrade this ability to increase your hunter’s dodge against all ranged attacks by 30.

Crippling Strikes

A good way to prevent melee enemies from getting close to your party is to teach a hunter Crippling Strikes. Whenever they successfully land an attack against a foe, melee or ranged, that foe is hobbled for one turn. While hobbled, an enemy won’t be able to move as far as they normally would. You can increase the number of turns an enemy is hobbled by giving your hunter more potency.

Ember Arrows

When you have a party full of mystics who enjoy creating fires on a battlefield, giving your hunter Ember Arrows is a good way to create synergy between these two classes. While a hunter is next to a fire source, their ranged attacks become fire, increasing the damage they do against enemies. You can upgrade this ability and have it, so your hunter does not have to be adjacent to the fire source to use Ember Arrows.

Piercing Shots

If you want your hunters to do the most damage, give them the ability Piercing Shots. Whenever they used their ranged attacks, these attacks have a pierce value, ignoring armor when they land an attack. You can increase the amount of piercing damage by your hunter’s potency. You can also upgrade this ability, so your hunter’s ranged attacks shred one armor whenever they land successful hits.


Poison damage is an instrumental tool that is slowly chipping down a powerful enemy, especially during the later portions of a campaign in Wildermyth. You can give your hunter the Quellingmoss ability, allowing them to toss a projectile to cover a large area with poison, harming any foes in those tiles. You can upgrade this ability to increase the passive poison attack by one and increase the active poison by increasing your hunter’s potency level.


To avoid conflict, your hunter wants to get into a fight and then evade any potential threats. With the Rogue ability, if they successfully kill an opponent, that hunter enters the grayplane, and becomes hidden to all foes. When you want to use your hunter much more aggressively, giving them Rogue is a good choice, especially if they’re a melee fighter.


The final ability, Silkstep, works for melee and ranged hunters. It allows them to slip into the grayplane and become hidden from all foes. The initial ability is an active and costs a hunter’s turn, and they can go two tiles away from their initial location. This is a good ability to ensure a hunter can reposition themselves, or they need to escape. The downside to this ability is it does end the hunter’s turn.