The best Loki and Loki Prime build in Warframe

Unseen threats.

Image via Digital Extremes

It could be argued that stealth is all kind of overpowered in Warframe, and Loki is in the perfect position to take advantage of that. This frame sits perfectly in the middle ground between being able to move quickly, and be invisible for a long period of time while doing it.

Unlike Ivara, Loki’s invisibility is not reliant on moving slowly, and compared to Ash he can be invisible for much longer. Loki is arguable our favorite stealth frame in the game, and this build will help you get the most from him.

  • Corrosive Projection – Aura Slot
  • Cunning Drift – Exilus Slot
  • Narrow Minded
  • Primed Continuity
  • Primed Flow
  • Overextended
  • Consitution
  • Stretch
  • Quick Thinking
  • Users choice

Just like most of the builds we discuss on this site, there are some mods that are essential. Corrosive Project to cut enemy armor and Cunning Drift to increase ability range are a must of many Warframes, not just Loki. Narrow Minded gives a huge buff to ability duration at the cost of range, but Cunning Drift and Stretch will help to deal with that, maintaining the viability of Radial Disarm.

Primed Continuity continues to max out duration, while Overextended gives a great boost to range at the cost of ability strength, the least important factor for Loki. Constitution continues to buff duration while also give quicker knockdown recovery. Remember, when you are invisible, enemies cannot directly target you but the attacks that hit you will tend to be the area of effect ones that can knock you down.

Quick Thinking acts as an insurance policy against dying to something that hits you by chance, and Primed Flow gives you a huge pool of energy to play with, keeping you safe through invisibility and disarm casting.

For Arcanes, you can run something like Energize and Grace for the traditional package of survivability and energy, or lean into what this build is really good at doing. Pair a long duration invisibility Loki with a good melee weapon and you can take advantage of massive damage modifiers while in stealth. Something like Arcane Fury and Strike will bring even more damage to the party.