The best Pokémon teams for the Great League Remix in Pokémon Go Season 9 – September 2021

Switch it up with these Great League Remix Pokémon teams.

Image via Niantic

A new category for you to pick in the Pokémon Go Battle League for a limited time is called the Great League Remix. It follows the same rules as the Great League, with players only using Pokémon that do not exceed the 1,500 CP limit, but there’s a small catch. The top 20 most used Pokémon from the previous Great League battles will not participate in the Great League Remix. We’ve listed out the 20 banned Pokémon elsewhere, and you won’t be able to use any of them during these fights. These 20 were some of the best choices, and now the meta has shifted quite a bit, forcing players to get out of their comfort zone.

These are some of our recommended Pokémon teams that we think you should consider using during the Great League Remix fights.

Beedrill (Shadow), Diggersby, and Regirock

For our first team, we have the shadow version of Beedrill as the Lead Pokémon. Beedrill has the chance to be a quick fighter, spamming its attack and laying on the shield pressure against most teams. But it’s a glass cannon. Because of that, you want Diggersby in the Switch role, ready to swap in when Beedrill is about to take too much damage. In the final slow, we’re going to recommend Regirock, the Rock-type legendary Pokémon.

  • Beedrill: Poison jab (fast move), drill run, and X-scissor
  • Diggersby: Mud shot (fast move), fire punch, and earthquake
  • Regirock: Lock on (fast move), stone edge, and focus blast

Nidoqueen (Shadow), Lapras, And Electivire

The next team features the shadow version of Nidoqueen as the headlining Pokémon. Nidoqueen has risen the ranks since Season 8, and it looks like she’s taking the ground running in Season 9. If you had a team with her last season, you want to use that one. Otherwise, having Lapras as the Switch Pokémon and Electivire in the Closer role is a good assortment of Pokémon for this team.

  • Nidoqueen (Shadow): Poison jab (fast move), poison fang, and earth power
  • Lapras: Ice shard (fast move), surf, and skull bash
  • Electivire: Thundershock (fast move), ice punch, and wild charge

Machamp, Steelix, and Ho-Oh

If you love Fighting-type Pokémon, then we’re going to recommend Machamp in the Great League Remix. Machamp is an incredibly powerful Pokémon, but it is a glass cannon. Because of that, you want Steelix in the Switch role to swap in when things are not looking good and to keep Ho-Oh in reserve as the Closer Pokémon.

  • Machamp (Shadow): Counter (fast move), cross chop, and rock slide
  • Steelix: Dragon tail (fast move), earthquake, and crunch
  • Ho-Oh: Incinerate (fast move), brave bird, and earthquake

Mantine, Zangoose, and Registeel

The next team we’re going to discuss features Mantine, a bulky and quick Pokémon capable of doing some decent damage as a Lead choice. It is a technical choice with plenty of attack options, so picking the best fast move and charged move combo is important and will vary on your teammates. In the Switch role, you want to bring Zangoose with you and have Registeel as the Closer.

  • Mantine: Bullet seed (fast move), bubble beam, and ice beam
  • Zangoose: Shadow claw (fast move), close combat, and night slash
  • Registeel: Lock on (fast move), focus blast, and flash cannon

Dewgong, Skuntank, and Meganium

The final Pokémon team we’re going to share features Dewgong, the Water and Ice-type Pokémon. Dewgong is an exceptionally bulky Pokémon, but it doesn’t have the best attack and has low shield pressure. Because of that, you’re going to want to have Skuntank in the Switch role. Skuntank has some solid, fast move pressure and various decent charged moves it can use during battle. The final Pokémon you want for your Closer is Meganium, a reasonable Grass-type Pokéon capable of handling the role as the last choice.

  • Dewgong: Ice shard (fast move), icy wind, and water pulse
  • Skuntank: Poison jab (fast move), crunch, and sludge bomb
  • Meganium: Vine whip (fast move), frenzy plant, and earthquake