The best Pokémon teams for the Great League Remix in Pokémon Go – April 2021

Switch it up with these Great League Remix Pokémon teams.

Image via Niantic

A new category for you to pick in the Pokémon Go Battle League for a limited time is called the Great League Remix. It follows the same rules as the Great League, with players only able to use Pokémon that do not exceed the 1,500 CP limit, but there’s a small catch. The top 10 most used Pokémon from the March 2021 Great League battles will not participate in the Great League Remix. We’ve listed out the 10 banned Pokémon elsewhere, and you won’t be able to use any of them during these fights. These 10 were some of the best choices, and now the meta has shifted quite a bit, forcing players to get out of their comfort zone.

These are some of our recommended Pokémon teams that we think you should consider using during the Great League Remix fights.

The best Pokémon teams for the Great League Remix

Medicham, Bastiodon, and Sableye

Medicham is about to become a champion in the Great League Remix. For those who have captured this Pokémon frequently over the years, and have enough for some XL candy, we highly recommend a Medicham (XL) in the Great League Remix. It becomes one of the better choices, and it’s capable of taking down the most powerful legendary Pokémon in this meta, Registeel. We recommend you pair it up with Bastiodon, another powerful Pokémon, and Sableye.

  • Medicham – Counter (fast move), ice punch, and psychic
  • Bastiodon – Smack down (fast move), stone edge, and flamethrower
  • Sableye – Shadow claw (fast move), foul play, and shadow sneak

Registeel, Togekiss, and Mandibuzz

Registeel was already one of the stronger Great League Pokémon. Now, in the Great League Remix, you can expect to see Registeel pretty frequently. Any trainer who has this robust Steel-type Pokémon in their roster will benefit greatly, and you’ll want to use it as your last Pokémon as nearly every team will struggle against it. You can pair it up with Mandibuzz as your lead, and Togekiss as your safe switch option.

  • Registeel – Lock on (fast move), focus blast, and flash cannon
  • Togekiss – Charm (fast move), ancient power, and flamethrower
  • Mandibuzz – Snarl (fast move), foul player, and aerial ace

Deoxys (Defense), Bastiodon, and Abomasnow

Although Deoxys (defense) has not appeared in five-star raids for quite some time, it’s still an excellent Pokémon that you likely want to consider for the Great League Remix. It’s going to be tough to take down, and with so many other Psychic-type Pokémon rising up, Deoxys is a natural choice. We recommend you pair it up with Bastiodon and Abomasnow, with Deoxys as the lead or closer Pokémon.

  • Deoxys (defense) – Counter (fast move), rock slide, and thunderbolt
  • Bastiodon – Smack down (fast move), stone edge, and flamethrower
  • Abomasnow – Powder snow (fast move), weather ball (Ice-type), and energy ball

Altaria, Escavalier, and Alolan Ninetales

Altaria has always been one of the top Pokémon to use in the Great League. With the other top 10 removes, Altaria moves up even higher in the Great League Remix, and it becomes a worthwhile addition to your team. You want to use it as your lead Pokémon, or as the final choice. We recommend using Escavalier and Alolan Ninetales alongside it. With Escavalier, that Pokémon does best as the final choice, so place Altaria at the front, and have Alolan Ninetales as your safe switch.

  • Altaria – Dragon breath (fast move), sky attack, and dragon pulse
  • Escavalier – Counter (fast move), drill run, and megahorn
  • Alolan Ninetales – Powder snow (fast move), weather ball (Ice-type), and dazzling gleam

Scrafty, Wigglytuff, and Drifblim

The final team we’re going to recommend features Scarfty, the Dark and Fighting-type Pokémon. You primarily want to lead with this Pokémon, and use it to defeat Bastiodon, Abomasnow, and Hypno. A solid switch Pokémon will be Wigglytuff, which only has to fear Fighting-type Pokémon. Drifblim would be another solid choice to act as your team’s closer.

  • Scrafty – Counter (fast move), foul player, and power-up punch
  • Wigglytuff – Charm (fast move), ice beam, and play rough
  • Drifblim – Hex (fast move), icy wind, and shadow ball