The best skins for Rampart in Apex Legends

Big guns, bigger personality.

Best Rampart Skins

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Ramya “Rampart” Parekh is a gearhead mechanic of Apex Legends, known for being the best weapon modifier in the business. She is the youngest Legend on the roster, but don’t let that make you think she can’t kick some serious butt. She is the type to bring a gun to a knife fight, and she won’t hesitate to blow the whole place sky high. She is also a loyal friend, a wise mouth, and a lot of fun. While she cares way more about guns than style, she still has some amazing outfits. Here are Rampart’s 10 best skins.

Top 10 Rampart Skins

This list is in order from the 10th best, all the way up to the very best skin at the bottom. These skins are earned in a variety of ways, such as Prime Gaming, limited-time events, past battle passes, and in-store promotions, as well as year-round buyable skins. That said, this is not a ‘how-to guide’ on how to get them, and will not detail how to do such. Some will never even be available again. It is almost purely rating the aesthetics.

10. Custom Finish (Rare)

Custom Finish
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This skin could definitely use some tweaking on the colors, but the concept is really adorable.

9. Gold Standard (Epic)

Gold Standard
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This skin is basic, but clean and sleek with a nice balance of matte and metallic.

8. Deep Freeze (Epic)

Deep Freeze
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It seems like most Legends have a winter-themed skin, and this skin is a nice one.

7. Gearhead (Rare)

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The purple and gold combination is stellar.

6. Heat Sync (Epic)

Heat Sync
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It’s not often that a basic Epic makes the list, but Heat Sync looks so good on Rampart.

5. Premium Finish (Legendary)

Premium Finish
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This racing-themed skin is fun, and matches her banner frame and trackers from Season 6.

4. The Devi You Know (Legendary)

The Devi You Know
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Now we are getting into the good stuff. This skin is gorgeous: a guaranteed head turner.

3. Sari Not Sari (Legendary)

Sari Not Sari
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This skin is definitely Rampart’s best basic Legendary skin — the white with navy blue accents suits her well.

2. Cryokinetic (Epic)

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Non-Legendary skins placing this high is unusual, but this skin is so cool. We love the sci-fantasy feel.

1. Death Dealer (Legendary)

Death Dealer
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This skin blows the rest of the skins out of the water. The combination of white, black, purple, and pink, along with the makeup, the skull, and the other bones all suit Rampart well. In the heat of the moment, she’s is a fiery, trigger-happy badass who takes no prisoners when she’s out to take lives. That said, it also plays into Rampart’s fun, sarcastic, and quirky side with the color scheme and the fashionable design of the pants. It perfectly embraces who Rampart is, and we love that.