The best SVK Loadout in Battlefield 2042

DMR Domination.

Image via Electronic Arts

The SVK has quickly become one of the more controversial weapons in Battlefield 2042 due to its sheer power. With the ability to two-shot enemy soldiers at most ranges, the SVK is an easy choice for players wanting to play with an aggressive range-capable weapon. There are a few downsides to the SVK, such as low fire rate and ammo count, but with the right attachments, the SVK becomes any sniper player’s worst nightmare.

We recommend the following attachments:

  • Sight – Fusion Holo / Raven 4x / BKS 8x
  • Ammunition – High-Power / Standard Issue Extended Mag
  • Underbarrel – Cobra Grip
  • Barrel – Champion Muzzle Brake / Long Barrel
Screenshot by Gamepur

The SVK is a pretty accurate weapon out of the gate because of its DMR status but struggles with fast follow-up shots due to its heavy vertical recoil. To combat this, try using the Champion Muzzle Break to reel in the recoil of the SVK and keep your reticle on target a little easier. Also, consider using the Long Barrel to take out targets at longer ranges with better accuracy.

Optics are important on the SVK because you will want to have one for every engagement. We recommend using the Fusion Holo for your close-quarters engagements as it provides a clear and snappy picture without any clutter around the screen. For your medium-range fights, the Raven 4x is a perfect choice, and it comes equipped with the weapon as soon as you unlock it. Finally, be sure to bring a high-powered scope such as the BKS 8x to deal with those pesky snipers.

Due to its status as a marksman weapon that rewards players with precise shots, we recommend using the Cobra Grip for extra stability while standing still. Furthermore, try to use the High-Power ammo type most of the time for that satisfying two-shot kill. Occasionally, you may consider switching to the Standard Issue Extended Mag when more than a few enemies are around, and you need as many shots as possible.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For your equipment, you will most likely want to focus on intel gathering items such as the Proximity Sensor Grenade, which scans all the enemies around where it lands and displays them on both your and your teammate’s minimap. Additionally, while all specialists can use the SVK, specialists such as Casper excel while using the weapon due to their reconnaissance and alerting abilities. Be sure to bring along a fast-firing sidearm such as the G57 for when things get a little overwhelming on the battlefield.