The best weapons in Worms Rumble

A worm is only as good as its gun.

Worms Rumble

Image via Team 17

Just like you would expect for a game based on the Worms universe, the variety of weapons that you have access to range from your standard assault weapons to the downright bonkers sets. With weapons hidden across the maps, there will be a big rush to pick up the best ones early in a match, especially in the game’s Battle Royal mode, Last Worm Standing.

The selection isn’t as big as your standard Worms affair with 10 in the game’s weapon section, but each one has a flavor that works well. Each weapon has its advantages, and knowing the capabilities of them all will be the key to winning your matches, regardless of which mode you are playing on.

Here are the best weapons in Worms Rumble.

Sheep Launcher

Worms Rumble Sheep Launcher

The sheep explosive sits alongside the banana bomb and holy-hand grenade as the series most iconic weapons in your arsenal and used best when you’re wanting to make a huge hole in the map where your opponent’s worms currently stand.

There’s no environmental destruction in Worms Rumble, but that doesn’t stop the sheep from being an outstanding weapon. While 50 damage isn’t huge for an explosive on hit, the sheep move fast and are able to jump over gaps in the terrain before continuing ahead until it meets a targeted worm. This makes it one of the most potent weapons for sending in artillery when other worms are duking it out, unaware of your presence. 

If you’re the dastardly, kill thieving type of worm, always keep a Sheep Launcher in your back pocket.


Worms Rumble Bazooka

The bazooka in traditional worms is standard issue, but you will need to go hunting for it in Worms Rumble. It is perhaps a little unglamorous when compared to the wacky guns, but the bazooka is an excellent choice if you have fast fingers, and especially so in Deathmatch modes.

A direct hit does a massive 60 damage while being hit with the splash will still chunk a lot of health, and its surprisingly quick fire rate and projectile speed mean that you can outgun most other players before they can finish you off. It’s not advisable to shoot up close and personal as you will take damage, but the Bazooka is arguably the best mid-range weapon in the game.

Plasma Blaster

Worms Rumble Plasma Blaster

If you can get past the time it takes to charge up a shot with the plasma blaster, it’s one of the most awkward weapons for an opposing worm to deal with. 

Firing a shot against a wall will cause it to ricochet around the room. It doesn’t cause friendly fire, and the blast will continue bouncing around the corridors for long enough that you’d need to be very unlucky not to hit anything. The damage is fairly modest, but it also does enough visually to impede anyone facing it as it streaks blue lightning in its wake, before exploding on impact and hitting multiple targets. 

Sentry Launcher

Worms Rumble Sentry Launcher

The Sentry Launcher gun should prove to be one of the most essential in games of Last Worm Standing for the simple reason that you can set up other worms to wriggling into what is essentially a death box.

Firing the launcher at a wall will plant a sentry on it that will fire on any worms in its range, with a maximum of three active sentries at any one time. It only does damage in increments of five, but if you stumble into a room containing three in awkward places, that’s 15 damage once every half a second or so, to go with the worm that’s staring you in the face.

In a game of attrition, the sentries are invaluable and as such should be considered an essential secondary in the battle royal modes.

Baseball Bat

Worms Rumble Baseball Bat

Another standard issue worm weapon, you can activate the baseball bat at any point by pressing the right mouse button on PC, or Circle on Playstation. It will hit for 30 damage every time, but that’s not why the bat is on this list.

When it comes to close-quarters combat, nothing else compares. It has a much bigger range than you would expect for a melee weapon and can be swung very quickly. If the enemy is using a shotgun, they need to hit you dead-on to maximize its output. That’s rarely going to happen if you’re a fast mover, and the baseball bat offers such reliable damage that you’re going to find that you’ll win in most tight battles using it.