The Division 2: The Best Skills For Playing Solo

Ubisoft wants players in The Division 2 to play with one another, even if you create a group full of random people. The game is about playing with teammates and fighting back against the problematic NPCs. For those who prefer to play alone, you’re going to find the combat difficult, and Ubisoft does not pull any punches. However, you can win and run through the campaign without receiving any assistance. You’re going to need some excellent skills to make this happen, though. Here are the best skills to take with you for those who plan to play The Division 2 solo.

The Division 2: Skills for Playing Solo

The Turret

The Division 2 Turret

The turret skill returns from the first Division game, and it packs even more of a punch now than it previously did. Not only can you throw this durable piece of equipment and have it survive most encounters, but you’re also going to watch it destroy plenty of enemies along the way. To turn this skill into a real tank, you want to have it set to the assault variant, as it can down plenty of enemies within its line of sight. The sniper variant is also a good choice if you prefer having your Division agent using close-quarters weapons

The only thing that can one-shot this equipment is an elite who rushes up to it, smashing it immediately. When you see an elite (yellow) unit, place your turret in a difficult place to reach, and it will handle itself.

The Chemical Launcher

For those who like producing an area of effect attack, the chemical launcher is the way to go. It’s an excellent choice as you can force enemies out of cover and damage numerous combatants at once. Of the four variants, you’re going to find the most success with the Firestarter and the Oxidizer choices. With the firestarter, you layer a small area in combustible chemical, and if an enemy fires while standing in it they light the area on fire. If you use the oxidizer, you’re going to place an area of the field with a corrosive gas that eats away at a foe’s armor, while also giving them damage over time effect.

It’s a useful tool to remove a troublesome foe who’s stuck themselves in an ideal piece of cover. You can also utilize it to destroy heavily armored elites you encounter.

The Hive

The Division 2 Healing Hive

The Hive, a helpful little grenade-like object you can use in various ways. Not only can you toss it in the middle of enemies to distract them as you make your approach, but you can use it as a last-ditch alternative to gain back some much-needed armor in the heat of a fight. The two variants you’ll find useful for solo gameplay are the Restorer and the Stinger. The Stinger acts like a focused grenade, as in it sends these tiny little bullets directly aimed at any enemy in its proximity. Hitting them also causes a brief distraction, making it an excellent time to change cover or fire on anyone else not damaged by it. With the restorer Hive, you can toss behind a piece of cover, and as long as you’re within its healing field, you’re going to recover armor.

The game doesn’t tell you, but you use the hive’s Reviver variant to heal yourself after you’ve fallen. This information is perfect to know, especially if you find yourself dying again and again. It does take up one of your skill slots, though, meaning you’ll have to rely on your other skill slot to carry the heavyweight during combat.

The other variants, Booster, is excellent for teams, though. A hive is a universal tool for any situation.

The Drone

Not my favorite of the choices, but it’s still a reliable tool. When you summon the drone, it hovers in the air and zips around the battlefield causing mayhem against your enemies. Of the four choices, the Striker and Fixer variants are going to serve you best. With the striker, you can set it out against an enemy and pepper away at their armor. It works similarly to the turret, except it can move around. As for the fixer, this little buddy hovers over the top of you, providing you much-needed armor regeneration during combat.

The unfortunate thing about the drone is also its primary asset: it’s flying. Because it’s flying, it makes it a far easier target than the turret, which you can place in a tight spot to get shot. Same with the fixer variant. You can freely move from cover to cover, and the drone is going to follow you, unlike the hive’s restorer trait. But it only means it’s more likely to get shot out of the air.