The Division 2 – How to Save

As in many online games, even in The Division 2 it is difficult to understand when and how to save the game. Furthermore, you only have a storage space that is related to your character, so how do you know if the progress is actually saved? In this guide we will explain the details of The Division 2 rescue system and explain how you can also perform manual saving.

The Division 2 rescue system works just like many other Destiny 2, Anthem, Warframe and many other online games. The system practically does everything automatically, so there is no risk of losing the saves. Even if the game stops abruptly, progress would still be saved in self-propelled mode. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage because on the one hand you will never lose the progress of the game, but on the other hand you will never be able to correct errors such as eliminating a weapon that you did not want to eliminate.

Can I do a manual Save in The Division 2?

Since The Division 2 automatically performs the save there is no need to perform a manual save, but if you need it you can simply exit the game via the main menu and it will save you automatically. So basically there is no way to save manually, there is only this particular technique to close and reopen the game that will automatically save the game progress in the exact spot where you are at the moment you close the game.

That’s all for our guide on how to save game progress in The Division 2.