The Division 2: Why Settlements Matter

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In The Division 2 players are helping to bring back to the small communities throughout Washington D.C, while also fighting off various gangs. The core of the game is to help out those in need, and watch as your progress steadily brings them more and more value. However, your progression does not go unnoticed as each essential new item you bring to the community, gets installed somewhere on site. You’re not only going to help bring these communities back from the brink and watch them prosper, but you’re going to receive some excellent gear for it, too. Here’s what you need to know about the settlements.

The Division 2 Settlements

How They Work

They’re not your Division agent’s base of operations. You’re not able to acquire new perks or abilities from these areas, but you can place your items in the storage unit, purchase items, and donate supplies to the people at the projects table. You can fast travel to a settlement at any time, making them great locations to jump to before heading off to start a new quest.

At the White House’s projects table, you’re going to see all of the communities you’re helping out, and what they need. When you visit a settlement’s project table, you’re only going to see what they need, as they’re in the dark about the others. Completing side quests and objectives in these areas directly benefits their standing.

A Settlement’s Projects Table

The Division 2 Settlement Projects

When you approach a project table, the project leader will have a list of things you can do to help them out. These vary from taking down elite enemies, donating unwanted gear, supplies, or locating particular objectives on your map.

Unfortunately, you cannot track these activities. So it’s better to get an idea of what you need to do when you visit a table, donate what you can, and try to remember what essential details about a big project you want to complete.

If you complete enough projects, you should unlock that settlement’s level, granting you access to additional crew members you can use at the White House. The next level of a settlement unlocks other things for you to do in The Division 2, such as gaining access to the Dark Zone or the White House’s gun range. Both of these locations are important, but in different ways.

Settlement Notifications

As you complete projects and give a settlement more stuff, you’re going to notice more and more notifications on the lower right of your HUD whenever you enter that settlement. Many of the more consistent notifications prompt you to go check out the new area you provided them. You cannot remove this notification until you have visited it and checked it out. You’ll know you’ve seen it when you walk up to it and the camera pans to it, with the leader acknowledging how vital this addition was for their citizens.

It’s easy to forget you need to visit your settlements as you’re progressing through The Division 2, but make sure to come back around to each one. You’ll be surprised at the rewards they’re going to hand you when you complete their projects and help out.