The Division 2’s next season – Start date, details, content, and rumors

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Image via Massive

With the End of Watch season wrapped up and giving us a degree of closure to the rogue agent story, many are probably wondering what’s next for content in The Division 2. In a post made by Massive to the official Ubisoft Blog, it was stated that the developer had started work on new content for The Division 2. Here’s everything we know so far.

New content

The plan is to give us an entirely new game mode and new avenues of progression in order for agents to have more opportunities and tools to increase build variety and viability. Massive has stated that development of this content is still in early stages and will take several months to complete, but it’s currently scheduled for release in late 2021 at the earliest.

While the release for the new content is a ways off, Massive has said that it will be re-running the previous seasons’ content, giving players opportunities to get any collectibles or rewards that they might have missed out on. It was confirmed that Leagues and Global Events will still be around to participate in, as well as Apparel Events. Some minor Title Updates to maintain the health of the game are also confirmed.

Shadow Tide (Re-run)

With Season One making a return, players will be able to take part in the Jupiter Manhunt. This activity will have players traveling between the Washington D.C., Lower Manhattan, and Coney Island play spaces to acquire information and complete objectives leading to the eventual standoff between lieutenants to ultimately reach the main antagonist.

If this will be a complete re-run of the season, other activities that will probably make a reappearance are the corresponding Leagues and Global events that were available on the initial release.


  • Westside League – Focused on the Outcasts
  • Northeast League – Focused on the Hyenas
  • Home League – Focused on the Cleaners
  • Hill League – Focused on the True Sons

Global events

  • Polarity Switch – Enemies and agents have been given an electrical charge. Agents deal more damage to enemies with similar polarities while doing reduced damage to enemies with opposite polarities. Reloading or melee attacking will switch polarities.
  • Reanimated – Enemies are equipped with advanced defibrillators that will bring them back from death. The only way to prevent the defibrillators from activating is to kill the enemy with a headshot.
  • Guardian – Gives enemy fireteam has a unique member known as a Guardian. This unique enemy will be the only one able to take damage out of the entire fireteam. Once the Guardian has been taken out, all other enemies will be able to be killed.

Seasonal rewards for this specific season will be making a return to the game.