The Outer Worlds Supernova Mode – Everything You Need to Know


The Outer Worlds is out right now. If you want to jump into the game, now’s your chance to experience the brand new science-fiction RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. You’re going to notice it feels eerily like a Fallout title, and that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with that in the slightest. Some players thoroughly enjoy a challenge during these intense RPGs. The hardest difficulty in the game is called Supernova mode. Here’s what you need to know about it before diving in headfirst.

The Outer Worlds Supernova Mode – Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes, developers hide the hardest difficulties behind a wall, forcing players to finish the game at least once before attempting it. Not in The Outer Worlds. For anyone who wants to experience the game in its hardest difficulty with a plethora of challenges making it even more intense, you have the option to start it from the first minute you jump.

The Difficulty of Supernova Mode

Players are going to find that things get ramped up when they enter the game. Here are all of the significant changes in it:

  • Enemies are going to hit significantly harder and have more health.
  • Players need to drink, eat, and sleep to play the game or face the consequences.
  • If a companion gets downed, they die permanently
  • If a player cripples their body or a limb, they can only heal it with proper bed rest
  • Weapons and Armor at zero durability are almost ineffective to use
  • Players can only fast travel back to their ship. They cannot fast travel around the map.
  • Players can only rest on their ship. They cannot sleep in other beds or locations in the game.
  • Players can only manually save on their ship. They cannot save while out in the middle of nowhere. The game does still autosave, but it does so far more rarely.

The most significant thing about the Supernova difficulty is the fact players are going to rely on their ship heavily. It’s going to act like their home in every capacity of the word. If they want to save and turn the game off for the night, they need to return there. If their body parts are damaged or broken, they need to return to the ship to get them healed. The only location a player can faster travel to is their ship, making it harder to get around the map.

Not only that, but players are going to need to monitor how much they’re eating, drinking, and sleeping. If they don’t take time to sleep, they’re going to find their character is going to be far less useful to do actions. The same goes for eating a drink.

Plus, traditionally, if a companion goes down, a player gets to revive them and get them back up. However, with Supernova, companions have the change to die permanently. It puts a massive significance on if players should take them out with them to complete tasks. Companions are handy, so it makes sense.

For players who enjoy having the maddening difficult, you can get it immediately when you jump into Obsidian’s new game. There’s plenty to do, and they did not hold back with the parameters. Players are going to earn the ending to their game, and if that’s your thing, we cannot encourage you enough to give Supernova a try in The Outer Worlds.

I’m going to stick with my ‘normal’ difficulty, however.