Valorant kicked from game error, explained

Right when it was getting good, too.

Valorant Refund

Image via Riot Games

Some players in Valorant have encountered an issue mid-way through their match where they immediately return to the primary main menu and have to choose to join a new match. The players that have this problem received no message about why it occurred, and there doesn’t appear to be an in-game warning about they played the game.

When it does happen, players have the loading screen they receive when they transition from game screen to a Valorant game, as if they concluded it. Players can return to their match history to see the game did not count against them, and everything that happened is not recorded.

Some players in the Reddit Valorant community believe it’s happening due to another wave of bans, but during Valorant‘s beta, players had an on-screen message indicated someone in their match had been cheating. These messages have not been appearing regularly enough, though. Plenty of players have been having this happening, and it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Valorant servers, and there is no direct bans taking place.

There are a handful of video accounts of the kicking happening with no error message or direct information about a player cheating. It does happen for the full team, though. Players who were in a match with parties noticed they all returned to the primary main screen, not only a single player. If these problems are connected to the Valorant servers, you can check on them through the Valorant page, or the Riot support Twitter page.

These issues appear to happen to a handful of players, but not everyone.