Vampyr Rising Fever Walkthrough – Defeat Doris Fletcher Boss

In the last chapter of Family History, Jonathan has to fight his sister who awakes back from the dead. After killing her you will have to meet Lady Ashbury. The next chapter Rising Fever is a short one with one single boss fight.

Rising Fever Walkthrough

Rising Fever Guide

This chapter has four main quests, The Great Hunt, Shadow Cabinet, Family Portrait and Grand Guignol.

The Great Hunt

Once this mission begins you will have to read a letter sent to you buy Lady Ashbury. After that go and you can find her in the West End. She will tell you about an invitation she received from Ascalon Club. It is an Ekon secret society that exists in London for the year. On your way to meet Lady Ashbury, you will have to face tougher enemies.

Shadow Cabinet

Go to Ascalon Club and find Lord Redgrave. He is the leader and talks to him. There will be a very long conversation here, once you are done you will become the member of the club. As the member, you will be asked to isolate and stop the infection in the West End Region.

Family Portraits

This one is another short mission where you will be talking about the infection. After investigating you will find that there are two sources of the infection and you have to get rid of them.

Grand Guignol

After you are done with the club thing you have to find the two sources of the infection. After clearing them up you will find that Doris Fletcher is involved with both the infection sources. Follow the marker to investigate and you will reach her theater. The front door will be locked, go to the back and jump up on the broken stairs. You can enter the theater from the backside. Go to the ground floor and there will be a boss fight where you will face a mutated form of Doris.

Doris Fletcher Boss Fight:

Doris is not a tough boss, she will draw out a sword to attack. She can dash towards you with speed to attack, and you can dodge that pretty easily. She will only fight with one hand, so it is pretty easy to tackle her attacks. After some of her health is over she will release a shockwave and pull out her second hand. She will use that hand to attack you, she can throw the arm to a pretty decent range. So when you see her lifting her hand dodge away. She will halt for a while after using her arm, that is the time you have to attack her. You have to stay away from the yellow smoke.

In the end, after defeating Doris she will burn herself. A guard from Priwen will confront you and you will have to escape. Just run from the way you came in. The chapter ends here. You can read our walkthrough on the next Chapter 5 Second Opinion or you can also read our Vampyr Wiki guide for more updates on the game.