Warframe – Lua Rescue Guide

The Warframe Lua Rescue mission is very similar to other Rescue missions in the game, but it has a few wrinkles which seem to throw people off. It also has a habit of popping up in Sorties, making the fear of failure all the greater as your fellow Tenno will judge you harshly if you mess up and they need to re-run the mission.

Warframe – Lua Rescue Guide

Warframe Lua Rescue Shortcut

The mission is quite standard until you get to the main room with the doors to the cells. Just head for the waypoints after you spawn in, and you will eventually get to the door. Now, instead of hacking open the doors and putting yourself on a timer, there are two shortcuts you can use. The first and my preferred one is shown above. You can wall-run, and bullet jump into a hole in the roof, giving you access to the tunnel that runs into the cell room.

Alternatively, you can drop down beneath the large golden structure in the middle of the room to a tunnel that runs underneath. This tunnel contains a small bot with a wide range of lasers that will set off an alarm if you touch them, however.

Once you get into the room, either through the shortcuts or by hacking the door, you will find four consoles that need to be hacked. It’s a good idea to run a stealth Warframe for this mission, as the room is full of sentry guns that will open up when you start hacking the consoles.

Begin hacking the consoles, but keep an ear open for the prisoner’s voice. Go from console to console, and when you hear the voice, stop hacking and jump into the portal below you. This is very important if you are with a group, the second you hear the voice, stop hacking if you are in the middle of the hack, just back out of it. If you finish your hack, you will switch the portal from where the prisoner is to somewhere else.

Just jump into the portal to grab the prisoner, then jump out and make your way to extraction. And that’s it. As I said, the Warframe Lua Rescue mission is very similar to other rescue missions, and it seems to be the portals at the end that trip up the most people.