What are Skill Pieces in Sonic Frontiers? Answered

Skills to pay the bills.

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Skill Pieces are a unique form of currency that is pivotal if you want to learn new skills in Sonic Frontiers. Sonic doesn’t level up in Sonic Frontiers like a traditional game. Instead, you must track down Skill Pieces to grant Sonic new abilities and power-ups. Skill Pieces are tough to locate, as they are small and can be hard to spot. This guide will explain Skill Pieces and how to find them in Sonic Frontiers.

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What Skill Pieces do in Sonic Frontiers

Skill Pieces are small fragments that will drop from enemy forces and Guardian bosses after they’re defeated in Sonic Forces. Skill Pieces are small fragments that must be collected, as you won’t gain them automatically when an enemy is defeated. These are small, light blue diamonds as pictured below.

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In the lower right section of the HUD, you can see a number surrounded by a radial circle. Skill Pieces will fill up this circle. When the circle fills, you will gain a skill point as indicated by the number within the circle.

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After you gain enough skill points, you can access the skill tree by opening the in-game menu. Each new skill Sonic can learn requires more skill points the further you head down the tree. You can also find metallic capsules in each location. Breaking these open will grant you a large number of Skill Pieces.

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Once you unlock the Cyloop skill, you might randomly acquire some of these materials by using the Cyloop in the open world to generate rings for yourself. Activate the Cyloop, then create a circle by running with Sonic. Close the circle you’re making, and you may have a slight chance of earning bonus Skill Pieces. Air tricks earn you Skill Pieces as well.

Take advantage of these precious diamonds to give yourself a big advantage in Sonic Frontiers.