What is a build order in Age of Empires IV

Your build order changes for every civilization.

Image via Age of Empires IV YouTube

You need to manage many things in Age of Empires IV, and it changes depending on the civilization you choose to play. A term you might hear thrown around or referred to by other players in the phrase ‘build order.’ Here’s what you need to know about the term build order and what it means while playing Age of Empires IV.

The phrase build order means you want to follow a specific construction and development pattern with your civilization in Age of Empires IV. Because each civilization players differently with unique units, bonuses, and buildings, your build order for each civilization will vary, such as when you play as the Mongols and then play a match as the English. The goal is to reach your civilization’s best buildings and units in the shortest amount of time, without wasting too many resources.

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For example, with the Mongols, some players rush building their Ovoo in the early game. In contrast, others focus on finding a specific location to set down their Town Center and their Ger, preferring to concentrate on their resource management when they reach an optimal location.

You can expect your build order to be disturbed by the enemy’s involvement whenever they attack you or lock down a region of the map with their forces. Some Age of Empires players set build orders for every game in the series, and Age of Empires IV is no different. After you’ve played a few games with any given civilization, you’ll likely have a preferred order you like to follow, giving you the best early game lead against some players.

Considering your build order is not a priority in Age of Empires IV. Still, if you’re planning to play online against other players or more difficult AI, figuring out a build order for a civilization and how to reach the best buildings using the least amount of resources and time will always give you an advantage.