What is the console design of the PlayStation 5? – First look, console reveal

Sony’s console design for the PlayStation 5 has been revealed.


Image via Sony

During Sony’s Future of Gaming live stream event, the company showed off a variety of new games coming to the forefront, and many of them you can expect to see around the launch of the PlayStation 5 this holiday 2020. At the end of the event, to make sure it left a lasting touch, audience members had their first chance to check out the latest console in all its glory, and there are two versions of the PlayStation 5 available.


There will be a standard PlayStation 5 version that accepts discs, and then a purely digital edition for players who prefer to download their games rather than rely on discs. Other than one accepting discs and the other only being able to download games, there should be no notable differences.

The two consoles are nearly identical to one another, save for the traditional version having a large divet on its side for players to place in their discs. The two should run nearly the same, with the same hardware inside. However, some digital edition owners are likely curious to see if the digital version has additional memory space because they will need it to run nearly all of their games from the console’s hardware. They won’t have the luxury of using a disc to store a good chunk of the details. Everything will be the PlayStation 5, which can add up extremely quickly.

We don’t know the extent of the exhaustive differences, but we do know what the consoles look like. We can expect them to release in holiday 2020. We don’t know the price tag yet, either.