When do you become an adult and elder shark in Maneater?

The biggest shark in the sea.


Maneater gives you the rare opportunity to work your way through the lifecycle of a bull shark. You start the game as a pup, progressively working your way through the bayou to grow up and become significantly bigger. Players may notice that many of the gates in the game require you to become a specific size of shark before you can break through them, notably an adult or elder shark.

You will reach these life stages in Maneater when you level up. The adult shark becomes available at level 10, and the elder shark life stage begins when you reach level 20. You will need to do this by eating up any wildlife you encounter, completing quests in each of the locations in Maneater, and taking down Hunters who you can summon by eating people.

Once you reach these respective levels, you will need to return to the nearest grotto to undergo life changes. Your shark will become significantly larger, have a mildly different appearance, and a boost to all five of its stats. The transformation comes with a small animation, highlighting the new progression of your shark.

After you reach the new stage of life, you can revisit any of the gates you potentially passed before and rip them apart with your shark. The barricades blocking these locations will buckle under your new-found force, and you can explore a new area. You will likely find unique wildlife to eat, additional collectibles, and more secrets behind them.