When does the Halloween Cup start in Pokémon Go, and what are the rewards?

Battle and treats.

Not only do trainers have the chance to participate in various Pokémon Go PVP battle leagues, but there are also new and evolving cups rotating out of the game. These seasonal cups are special teams for all trainers to jump into these themed PVP matches to use underutilized Pokémon against other trainers, with the potential to gain various rewards. Trainers can look forward to the Halloween Cup, which takes place from October 26 to November 3, starting and ending at 1 PM PT.

For the cup, trainers can only use Poison, Ghost, Bug, Dark, and Fairy-type Pokémon under 1,500 CP. The lower threshold of CP means almost any trainer on the platform will be able to participate. The rewards consist of earning Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle in their Halloween customers. Unfortunately, any Pokémon with the seasonal outfit will not be able to evolve. You can power it up as far as its starting form can go, but you won’t go beyond it.

It’s an excellent way to handle the Halloween costumes, rather than having them be random encounters players see throughout the world. It makes it so players can choose to participate in event-based Pokémon during a specific timeframe, ensuring their overworld is not overwhelmed by them. The Halloween Cup will only be available for a limited time from October 26 at 1 PM PT and ends on November 3 at 1 PM PT.