When will Satisfactory update 4 come out?

The next big one.


Satisfactory, the early access simulator game from Coffee Stain Studios is currently on update number three, and is slowly being improved and iterated upon by the developers.

The next major update will be Update 4, and people are curious about when it might release. At the moment, the fourth major update does not have a confirmed release date. The game, which is currently only on Epic Games Store, will be arriving on Steam on June 8 and updating it to v.03.4.13. We have included the patch notes for the v.03.4.13 experimental patch below, for your convenience.

Unfortunately, there is no way to hazard a guess as to when update 4 will come out, but we will keep this article updated with future announcements from Coffee Stain Studios.

Update v03.4.13 patch notes


  • Added a few more details to Train Platform meshes


  • Added an option to disable autosave notifications
  • Added a setting to show autosave notifications for client players, host or both
  • Added a pop up to notify offline players that they are not online when opening the join menu
  • Added a warning when copying the session ID from a private session, since private session cannot be joined
  • Improved the player status shown on the in-game friends list with more information (no longer just “Exploring, Building a factory, etc.”)


  • Client players can no longer get unlimited hotbars when joining repeatedly
  • Client players no longer need to re-equip equipment on join for it to function
  • The autosave notification no longer gets stuck when changing autosave interval while the notification is visible
  • Chainsawing Berry/Nut Bushes now gives the Berries or Nuts and no longer displays “No Space for N/A”
  • Fixed a bug where creatures could lose track of the player when they jump too high, this was most noticeable when slide jumping and losing Lizard Doggos that follow the player
  • The Trains handbrake animation will no longer end up in a spamming loop
  • Conveyor Belts and Pipes no longer get odd shapes after dismantling an attachment such as a Merger
  • Build feedback for client players no longer states they have enough building resources when they don’t
  • Freight Platforms now do the partial load animation when applicable instead of triggering the wrong animation and clipping containers through each other
  • Conveyor Belts and Pipes now connect properly to the new Freight Platforms and no longer leave a gap when reconnecting
  • Reduced the collision on the Bailey Palm Tree so players can walk around it as expected
  • Fixed some visual glare issues on tree stems