Where to find water in Last Oasis

Time for a drink.

Last Oasis

Water is understandably essential inĀ Last Oasis. There is no food in the game, and you need only worry about having a ready supply of water to stay alive. You also need it to travel between oases. Fortunately, there are numerous sources of water in the game.

Cactus and Aloe

You can get water from both the fruit and flesh of a cactus. Harvest the flesh by hitting the cactus with a tool, then collect it. You can use a campfire for cooking the cactus flesh, removing the water from it, which you can then store in your bottle by dragging and dropping it to the hotkey icon on your HUD.

You can gather Cactus Fruit by grappling to the very top of the tall cacti in the game and grabbing the fruit from them. Aloe is another plant that you can harvest that will provide you with water. It’s a small, multi-leafed plant that grows in clusters around the map.

Stomping Station

You can build a Stomping Station to produce water from Aloe, Cactus Fruit, and Cactus flesh. One Aloe will give you three water, and one Cactus fruit will give you 12 water. This will take longer than a campfire, but it is the best way to harvest water from these fruits.

The Stomping Station costs 25 Fragments to unlock. You will need 45 wood, 10 Rupu Vine, 20 Stone, and 4 Wood Shaft to build it.

Finally, you can find contaminated water on the map, and you can purify it at a campfire using some sand.

Storing water will be an issue, and you’ll need to unlock the Makeshift Bottle recipe in the equipment three. It takes five fiber and five wood to make a bottle, and you should make a few of them, and ensure they are always well-stocked with water.

Make sure to store plenty of water in your walker, as you will need it to travel.