Where is Baro Ki’ Teer’s Tennocon Relay location in Warframe?

Where is the Void Trader?


If you have logged into Warframe today you will have received a message telling you that Baro’s special Tennocon Relay is now available in the game. This is because Tennocon is back, and Baro’s special even Relay has returned to once again delight players with all manner of items.

If you are looking for Baro’s special Relay, you can find it orbiting Earth, as shown in the image below. If you cannot see it, this is because you do not have a ticket to Tennocon. Only digital ticket holders will be able to see it, so if it isn’t there, that means you have not purchased one yet.

Baro Tennocon Relay Location

Can you still buy a ticket?

Digital tickets are still being sold this year, and you can still buy one right now. Without it, you won’t be able to access Baro’s special relay on either weekend that it is in the game. You can purchase your tickets from the Warframe website. The digital tickets cost $24.99 and include the following items:

  • TennoCon 2022 Operator and Drifter Suit Bundle
  • TennoCon 2022 Armor Bundle
  • TennoCon 2022 Sugatra
  • TennoCon 2022 Display
  • TennoCon 2022 Emote
  • TennoCon 2022 Glyph
  • TennoCon 2022 Sigil
  • 475 Platinum

Ticket holders will get access to the special Baro Relay for the event. It is the only time of the year that everything Baro can sell is available, making it a hot commodity for people who have been hunting down specific mods and items.

Don’t forget, you need a combination of credits and Ducats to purchase items from Baro, so it is a good idea for newer players to decide on one thing they want, farm up what they need to get it, then move on to the next item. If you are looking for advice on what to get, the answer is Primed Mods as a priority! These powerful mods will add a lot of oomph to your Warframe and weapon builds in the game.