Where to find Mint in New World

A fresh resource.

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Mint is one of the 12 ingredients you can find in the wild in New World. It’s a valuable resource if you’re trying to increase your cooking skill back at a settlement. In addition, you’ll need this to create some of the more complicated recipes, giving you numerous bonuses for your trouble and something worthwhile to sell at a trading post. This guide details where you can find Mint in New World and what plant you need to harvest.

The plant you need to find is a common resource node labeled as a standard herb. All 12 of the ingredients that spawn in the wild can drop from a herb plant. However, it all depends on the region. The herb plants in Monarch’s Bluff consist of different herbs from those found in Everfall. These are some of the herb locations you can find in New World. If you’re looking for Mint, you want to stick with searching in Restless Shore, Mourningdale, and Windsward.


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Restless Shore

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Of the multiple locations you find Mint in New World, Windsward is likely the best location. Players have reported finding them in Mourningdale and Restless Shore, but we’ve had difficulty reliably finding them.

When harvesting a herb plant, you’ll need a sickle to acquire the resources. All of the herb plants do not have a harvesting level requirement.