Where to find the soul gems in Chapter 3 of Life is Strange: True Colors

You and Thaynor are on the hunt for the elusive Soul Gems. Time for a LARP.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The day of the epic LARP is finally here and Ethan is a tad bit reluctant to join in. Thankfully, Alex is fully capable of convincing him to take part in it. This Life is Strange: True Colors quest is quite simple. Thaynor and his trusty bard (that’s you) must find the three soul gems. However, you will quickly realize that those soul gems aren’t the easiest items to locate. So, where are these hidden items located?

Soul Amethyst

The first of the three soul gems, the Soul Amethyst, can be found in Black Lantern which has been renamed Gullweather’s Tavern. When you walk in, you’ll see the place has turned into a bloody mess and limbs are scattered everywhere (fake, of course). Duckie is behind the bar and tells you and Thaynor you are free to search around. While Thaynor will focus entirely on the obvious chest, you can take a look at other things. Behind the bar is a music box with a dragon on it. While this may seem a bit too obvious, this is the container that houses the Soul Amethyst.

Soul Sapphire

The second gem on our list is the Soul Sapphire. Head on over to Magpie Emporium (A.K.A. the record shop) and talk to Steph. She is asking for a whopping 10,000 gold for the Soul Sapphire. Luckily, you can strike a deal with her to trade a magic fish scale to get it. Go over to the alleyway where you’ll find Ryan at the far end, wearing a lizard hat and hissing. Defeat this sea serpent to get the fish scale and return it to Steph for the gem.

Soul Ruby

Last on the list is the Soul Ruby. This gem is guarded by the troll protecting the bridge. Head on over to see Ryan dressed up in yet another mask. He will be wearing the Soul Ruby on his belt. You’ll either have to bribe him, beat him in battle, or use troll dust from Steph to best him. Once he is out of the way, the Soul Ruby will be yours. And now you can complete the quest.