Where to find the Spirit Mail in the Storehouse in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There is only one Spirit Mail collectible hidden in the Storehouse. Find out where it’s hiding.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you’ve completed the Forgotten Forest, you are tasked with going to the Storehouse to help out the Woodsmith. You’ve made it to the Storehouse, where there are more collectibles to find. There might be only one Spirit Mail here, but it is a little hidden. Here is its location.

Spirit Mail location

Once you reach the Storehouse, travel to the large door at the end to get a cutscene. After you’ve watched the cutscene, you will have your new toy; bombs. Bombs can be used to interact with glowing stones. When the bomb explodes, the stone float in the air for a short while before falling back to the ground. We recommend getting the Multi-bomb ability if you can. This will allow you to throw two bombs instead of just one. Now that you have the bombs in hand, head over to the group of stones on the left side of the room when facing away from the stone door. Here is a screenshot for reference.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are two sets of stones here. It is easier to throw a bomb on the first set that is closer to you. The second set can be seen attached to the wall below the ledge. After climbing up the first set of stones, use a bomb on the second set. Be quick because the stones will drop after about 10 – 20 seconds.

After reaching the platform above, you will see some corruption. When you walk past it, some enemies will spawn in. Take them out and use the Rot Spirits to clear the corruption. This will open a doorway that is hidden in the darkness where the corruption was. Head through the doorway to find the Spirit Mail on the other side.