Where to find Tropical Fish in Minecraft

Just keep swimming.

The Tropical Fish you find in Minecraft can be handy to you. Not only do they drop bone meal for you, but you’re capable of picking them up into a water bucket and feeding them to animals, notably the Axolotl. A Tropical Fish is an Axolotl’s favorite food, and if you plan on breeding these aquatic animals, you’re going to need a few Tropical Fish in your back pocket.

You can primarily find Tropical Fish in the ocean. They can appear in both the lukewarm and warm variants of the ocean. A lukewarm ocean features a distinct teal color when you’re swimming around in it and is usually pretty barren, save for the chance of ocean monuments, ruins, and shipwrecks that can spawn in it. A warm ocean has a slightly similar color to it but features much more color. Both locations feature the same chances of a group of Tropical Fish spawning in it.

These fish usually prefer to remain in groups of eight to 24, so the chances of finding several when you stumble upon them are excellent. You want to make sure you have a good water bucket at the ready or a fishing pole ready to reel them into your inventory. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. There are over 2,700 combinations that a Tropical Fish can spawn in as in your game, making it hard to nail down what you’re going to find.

Once you have a Tropical Fish, they don’t do much beyond being food for Axolotl or adding them to a fish tank you’re making or any of your creative projects.