Where to find turkey locations in Red Dead Online

Dinner time.

Image via Rockstar

Turkey’s are one of the animals that can appear as a daily challenge in Red Dead Online. If you want to wrap up this challenge quickly, you will need to know where to go to find them. While turkeys are reasonably common in most areas of the game, this guide will help you find areas that tend to have the creatures in a higher density.

Turkeys can normally be found looking for bugs to eat among long grass, and are best taken out with the Varmint Rifle to avoid doing too much damage. Turkeys will drop Turkey Feathers, Plump Bird Meat, and Turkey Carcass on death. Herbivore Bait and Omnivore Bait will also both attract turkeys if you are having trouble finding them.

Turkey Feathers are needed to make the Legendary Cougar Flop Hat, the Pilgrim Accessory, and the Pioneer Accessory. All the parts can also be sold, for various value, depending on the item quality.

Perfect Turkey Carcass$2Perfect Kill
Good Turkey Carcass$1.2Good Kill
Poor Turkey Carcass$0.8Poor Kill
Turkey Feather$0.45Any
Plump Bird Meat$0.4Any

Plump Bird Meat can be combined with Thyme, Oregano, and Mint to create a variety of Plump Bird dishes.

Southwest of Valentine


Bluewater Marsh

New Austin