Where to find Woodlouse Bait in New World

Delicious bait for freshwater fish.

Image via Amazon Games

There are several types of bait you’ll find in New World that you can use for fishing. Based on where you want to fish, you’re going to need to use certain types of bait. The same bait you use on saltwater fish won’t work on freshwater ones. If you’re looking to hunt for freshwater fish, a suitable type of bait to have in your inventory is Woodlouse Bait.

You can find Woodlouse bait while scavenging around more forests, typically near water supplies. However, we’ve discovered that Woodlouse is a bit more challenging to find when looking for it in bush spawns, compared to the Nightcrawler Bait you can find for saltwater fishing when investigating flint.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you do find an area of bushes that do spawn Woodlouse, we recommend spending a bit of time gathering up all of the bushes at that location. The more you have, the often you’ll be able to go fishing. It’s essential to remember that Woodlouse Bait is a viable source for catching freshwater fish, not saltwater, so you can only use it at freshwater sources. While you won’t always catch fish when you successfully reel in a catch, Woodlouse Bait increases the chances of finding a high-quality catch.