Where To Get The Amulet Coin In Pokémon Sword and Shield


The Amulet Coin is an essential item in Pokémon Sword and Shield if you are looking to make money fast. The Amulet Coin can help you earn more money by doubling your winnings from battling other trainers. All you need to do is have a Pokémon hold the coin, then make sure you use them in all your fights against another trainer. The Amulet Coin doesn’t work on wild Pokémon.

Motostoke Outskirts

The best place to pick up the Amulet Coin is just outside Motostoke, at the Motostoke Outskirts, near Galar Mine No. 2. Here, you will find a blue sign when you exit the mines, and behind the sign, you will find the Amulet Coin in a Poké Ball. Just pick it up, then go into your Bag and equip the Amulet Coin to a Pokémon in your party. It can be a good idea to have a specific Pokémon for farming money. Any time you take on another trainer, use that Pokémon at some point in the fight, and your winnings will double.

Doubling your prize winnings for every Trainer encounter is a great way to earn more money, and you will be able to afford more Poké Balls, Potions and Revives than you know what to do with. If you wish to take advantage of the Amulet Coin, you can pair it up with the Gigantamax Meowth you can get through the Mystery Gifts, then use abilities like Pay Day and his Dynamax Gold Rush to earn even more money.

Remember, you need to use the Pokémon that is holding the Amulet Coin in a battle to get double the money for winning, so equip it on a versatile and robust Pokémon you use a lot. If you run into awkward matchups, you can always switch the Amulet Coin to another Pokémon.