Where to get Gem Setting Pins in New World

Increase the selling value of your weapons and armor with Gem Setting Pins.

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Gems are an excellent way to modify your gameplay in New World, enhancing the weapons and armor you’re using to increase your effective abilities and powers further. Of course, you’ll want to use the correct gems depending on your playstyle, but if you’re a crafter, you may want to figure out the best way to sell many of your weapons on the market. You can do this by ensuring your finished product has an empty gem socket. Usually, there’s a random chance of a weapon having one. However, you can ensure there is one by purchasing a Gem Setting Pin. This guide details finding a Gem Setting Pin in New World and how they work.

You’ll be able to purchase a Gem Setting Pin from any of the faction recruiters for your faction. You can visit them in any of the major settlements. When speaking with them, you’ll need to choose the option to buy the rewards from them. However, the choice is limited to the third rank of your faction, which you can only access when you reach level 35.

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The item will cost 300 faction reputation and 100 gold pieces. After purchasing the item, you can take it back with you to your chosen crafting station and prepare to use it. You’ll be able to find it under the ‘crafting mods’ category. Make sure to select this before confirming the completed product.

While you can add gems directly into a weapon, having an empty gem socket on a weapon may increase the potential selling voice of the item, giving the buyer more variety when they buy it off you from the market.