Which Apple services are down right now? How to check Apple servers

How many Apple services are currently offline?

Image via Apple

Apple services sometimes encounter a few hiccups here and there. You’ll want to do a few things to ensure everything is running smoothly on your side. Unfortunately, you also have to account that the Apple servers may be down. If you’re running into problems, which Apple services are down right now? Here’s what you need to know about how to check Apple servers.

You’ll be able to do that on an Apple support page directly. You can see all of the available services operating on the Apple services and which ones are down. You can also verify to see how many current outrages are happening across all Apple services, including the number of outrages that have already been resolved. The Apple System Status page is your go-to place for nearly everything you need to know for Apple online services.

If you’re running into any problems with your Apple problems, we highly recommend checking the Apple System Status page. For those who are still running into problems, you may want to force close down any online applications you use on your Apple products, or you may need to restart your device.

Check back on the Apple support page whenever you run into problems to see check on the developer’s progress as they try to bring things back online.