Who is Digby Vermouth in Borderlands 3?

Digby Vermouth Borderlands 3

The first DLC for Borderlands 3, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, introduces an array of old and new characters to the heist, A particular character you may have questions about is Digby Vermouth, the resident musician who makes sweet melodies on his saxophone.

You do need to have purchased the DLC Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot to meet Digby Vermouth.

Some may recognize his name due to his song being on the Borderlands 3 official soundtrack. He is credited to having played Supernova Dreamsicle. It was not by him, but you can check out his song below. It’s a smooth jazz-based song with some decent notes and flow in the background. You may also have heard Sir Hammerlock refer to himself as “a little bit Digby Vermouth ‘s 9th concerto in D-minor,” when explaining his and Wainwright’s relationship.

You first meet Vermouth at a bar at the small alcove in the middle of the Spendopticon Vice District. You’ll need to do several quests for Vermouth, the first revolving around gathering up ingredients to make him a drink to bring about his senses.

He explains how he’s been stuck in the Handsome Jackpot since he came on board, and Handsome Jack perished in Borderlands 2. Despite being trapped, he’s been bringing up jams for the entire station, and it’s been a fun party for him to engage.

The next part of his quest has you locating his trusty saxophone from someone who stole it. You’ll continue talking to Vermouth the entire time, learning about his background and history in the Borderlands universe. You’ll also have to escort him to Foxxii’s for the third part of his quest.

Beyond seeing Vermouth in the Handsome Jackpot and playing a song with him, he doesn’t show up or do too much else. It’s a fun little nod from the developers of the joke they had of the jazz-playing Musician from their video game’s soundtrack.