Will There Be a Life is Strange 3?


Life is Strange has become one of the most beloved indie games out today, with realistic characters, relatable subjects, and an engaging story that gets fans guessing with theories and discussions. The success of the first Life is Strange brought us a prequel called Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a one-shot game named The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and recently, Life is Strange 2, which wrapped up this week.

Dontnod Entertainment has expressed great interest in expanding the world of Life is Strange, and they have not disappointed, whether in video games or comics. With the last episode of Life is Strange 2 released yesterday, will we be getting a Life is Strange 3 soon?

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As of right now, no. Square Enix has not confirmed the possibility of a third main series game. Meanwhile, Dontnod is currently developing two new games, titled Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why. Both are episodic adventure games just like Life is Strange, but neither takes place in the Life is Strange universe.

Tell Me Why is looking to be a spiritual successor of sorts, featuring teenage protagonists and dealing with difficult subjects, in the case of one of the twins transitioning from male to female. It might not be a new Life is Strange, but it is something that fans should try out when it comes out in 2020.

The first Life is Strange episode was released in early 2015, while the second’s first episode released in late 2018, so it could take a while to go back to the world of Life is Strange, and Dontnod is looking to focus on other projects for the time being.