Yakuza 0 Chapter 10 Walkthrough | A Man’s Worth


Tachibana saves Kazuma Kiryu from Dojima clan in the Chapter 9 Ensnared, his story continuous in Chapter 10 A Man’s Worth. In this part you will be doing a lot of fight with Yakuza, Tachibana will call you at Tojo clan headquarters where he will try to negotiate for Kiryu’s life. Don’t forget to fill up your consumable before heading to the location.

A Man's Worth Walkthrough

A Man’s Worth Walkthrough

In the end, you will earn 75,000,000 yen after completing the chapter.

Go To West Park

In the cutscene at the hospital, you will that Tachibana has a serious health condition where he requires dialysis every day. You will also find that Oda and Tachibana are ex-Chinese mafias. You will also see the bat tattoo on his arm. Outside follow Oda, after a while, you will meet Elder Chen. He will not allow you to stay, next Tachibana will come and all of you three will regroup. Tachibana urges Kiryu to stay at West Park for a while. Find a convenience store and stock up health items before you visit West Park.

Turn north and you will find the park entrance, keep following the north direction and you will find a homeless man with a beard. He will offer you a place to stay for the evening. After some time a few homeless hunters will appear, fight them. Next, meet Oda who came to take you to Tachibana who is at Tojo clan headquarters. Tachibana will try to negotiate with the chairman and pay 1 Billion Yen + 30% of his real estate profit for Kiryu’s life.

Once you are out you will have to face a horde of Yakuza. This will be a long fight, so having ample of consumable is necessary.

Go To West Park

Once you are done taking out all the Yakuza go to the foot of the stairs and use the Beast ability. Here you can use the couches. Once done with them follow the marker. Break the door and pickup up Stamina Royale before moving ahead. You will meet Oda and Tachibana in the hallway. Outside you will be fighting more. Defeat all the men around, on a bridge you will find a huge one with a furniture in his hand. Wait for his attack and then release some combos on him. Use the objects around to fight the people. Next, you will be fighting with the enemy with a sword. You will also get one, defeat him and keep moving ahead. Beast mode is pretty effective against him.

After breaking the second door you will enter the final section of the house where you will fight a much bigger group. Once you are done fighting there will be a cutscene. Tachibana will tell you that the owner of the empty lot can be found in Sotenbori. Now you can access the open world, do whatever you want and head to the marker.

You will reach a restaurant, you will find out that the owner of the empty lot is Makoto Makimura. The chapter ends here. You can read our walkthrough on the next Chapter 11 A Murky Riverbed or you can also read our Yakuza-0 Wiki guide for more updates on the game.