Shenmue I & II Priced At $29.99, Featuring Achievements

Shenmue I and II Price Price Revealed, Achievements Support Confirmed

During the weekend, SEGA has provided a couple unexpected announcements about its hardware and software lineup. The most interesting, yet long anticipated, was a PC, PS4 and Xbox One Shenmue remaster.

The developer has provided very slight details about the Shenmue I & II package but has indeed hosted a small event for few Internet personalities and selected members of the press, who had a chance to be given some additional particulars.

Shenmue I and II Price Price Revealed, Achievements Support Confirmed

According to Youtuber Adam Koralik, who was among them, SEGA revealed that the collection is being released at the price of 29,99 dollars, which should not be very surprising if you consider that, in terms of the technology put into place, it's just an upscale of the original games.

So it isn't a remake and it would be hard to define them even remasters, which indeed is not the terms used by the publisher, and “HD” it's not even mentioned nor on the box art neither in the press releases delivered thus far.

On top of this, there'll be an element of novelty in the likes of the achievements included on all the platforms (PC via Steam, PS4's Trophies, and Xbox One), and there will be the opportunity to choose among Japanese and English dubs.

The release date has yet to be revealed, but we're told Shenmue I & II is coming in 2018. It would make sense to see it drop at least a few months before the third chapter, which is also slated by the end of the year.

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