Steam Summer Sale 2018 Starting June 21, According To A New Leak

Steam Summer Sales 2018 Dates Leaked

According to a new rumor, Steam sales are set to be starting on June 21, 2018. That's the date apparently appointed to be one when we'll return to invest our hard earned money on the platform held by Valve.

The date itself comes from Steam Database, which has proved in the past to be pretty reliable and is quite close to the one selected for last year's Steam Sales. While we wait for an official confirm, it's better for you to prepare your pockets…

Steam Summer Sales 2018 Dates Leaked

The 2017 Summer Sale was live June 22 – July 5, meaning it lasted 13 days, and will apparently be spanned over June 21- July 4 later this year when the sale officially kicks off.

As reported by VG247, Valve usually sends the developers specific emails so that they make sure that none of them offers other sales in the same timeframe. So there's a possibility to have more leaks by the time the sales start.

During the last few years, the Steam Sale has lost a bit of momentum as Valve has tried and offered a sort of balance where everyone involved in the process can get a good amount of earnings, also considering the retail market.

In any case, it's always an appointment worth waiting for, especially if you play on the PC platform. So make sure not to miss it.

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