PUBG New Map Sunhok Introduced Mysterious Golden Chests

PUBG is introducing some sort of a mystery component to the latest map entering the game soon, Sanhok. The map is already being played over the course of multiple playtests, and each of them has introduced more stuff to discover and play.

PUBG Golden Chest Mystery

Among the other things, Bluehole and PUBG Corp are adding mysterious golden treasure chests people has yet to understand what might include and what could mean in the economy of the battle royale once dominant title.

"One was found tucked away behind a massive rock formation near Bootcamp Alpha while another is apparently located in a forest Northeast of the Ruins," Kotaku reports, based on users' claims on Reddit and social networks.

PUBG Mysterious Golden Chest Screenshot

Interestingly, at this stage it is not possible to interact with this new breed of chests, and this doesn't do anything more than add more mystery on top of their introduction into the game.

There's a chance that the mystery will unravel once the full version of the map makes it to the live game and servers, but until then we can't help but thinking what kind of purpose and rewards these new chests might serve. Do you have any idea?

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