Elder Scrolls VI: Akavir Theory By A Reddit User Is Quite Compelling

Elder Scrolls VI Akavir Theory

The Elder Scrolls VI was announced back at Bethesda E3 2018 media briefing. While that was quite a big shock from the developer and publisher, the announcement was only supported by a quick teaser, without any further details about the story, the setting, and the gameplay.

A new theory on the game has been unleashed on the Internet by a Reddit user, who goes by the name TERAFLOPPER, and according to him, the title is set in the region of Akavir, in Tamriel, with a huge conflict going all over the place.

Elder Scrolls VI Akavir Theory

Let's have a look at the theory, then.

"The terrain, climate and the architecture of the castle ruin indicate that this is most likely the coastline of High Rock. This is of significant historical importance because the first ever Akaviri invasion was preceded by major raiding activities in the Iliac Bay which separates High Rock and Hammerfell with stories of "ships manned by beasts" arriving at the shores and raiding the villages there.

The raiding parties grew so large that at one point the Tsaesci raiders (a Serpentine vampiric race that ate all the humans on the continent of Akavir) laid siege to the High Rock city of Wayrest, which is located deep in the Iliac Bay.

Additionally, there's heavy mention in the lore in multiple games of a forthcoming major (& potentially cataclysmic) invasion of Tamriel that the Akaviri have been preparing for over hundreds of years, waiting patiently for when the Empire is most divided to strike.

Tosh Raka, the Tiger-Dragon king of the Ka Po' Tun, the most powerful kingdom in Akavir, views the Tsaesci as his mortal enemies who have invaded his kingdom multiple times, enslaved the red dragons and killed (and ate) all the black dragons. According to the latest historical accounts, Tosh Raka allied himself with the brave monkey people of Tang Mo to defeat the Tsaesci. Tosh Raka has an old and ambitious desire of invading Tamriel after defeating the Tsaesci.

I believe that the teaser teased the location of where the Akaviri armies would land to invade, at the coasts of High Rock. Based on overwhelming fan requests in a thread started by the devs at the official TES forums several years back I believe Elder Scrolls VI will take place in AkaVIr and parts of Tamriel and it will be centered around the greatest war to ever take place on Nirn."

It's very interesting, but we're likely not going to have any further information, or trailer or gameplay, about The Elder Scrolls VI rather soon. The game is in a pre-production stage, so it'll take around three years, at least, for it to ship.

We'll see whether Bethesda is able to start showcasing the title in time for next year's E3 media briefing, or we'll need to wait a bit longer, which is a bit more believable if you ask me.

Source: Reddit

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