Next Xbox Code Name Is "Scarlet"

Next Xbox Console Is Codename Scarlet - Insider

During the Xbox E3 2018 media briefing, Phil Spencer has revealed quite surprisingly that Microsoft is working on new Xbox consoles. Of course, the surprise is that they have already started to talk about that in public.

Indeed, we know that platform owners do start work on new consoles right after they ship a box, at least in terms of concept and hardware capability, to determine where they are supposed to be going in the future.

Next Xbox Console Is Codename Scarlet - Insider

While saying so, Spencer didn't provide any further details about what's coming for the next Xbox, but something about the platform has apparently slipped off and tells us at least some interesting particulars about that.

According to Microsoft specialist blog Thurrott, the next Xbox is indeed codenamed, Scarlet. The blog claims there is not a specific timeline, although we might not hear about that before a couple years.

In the past, 2019-2020 has been considered the best window for new consoles to be released and we're still committed to that, even though the fact they've already started to talk about the next console is something relevant to take into account.

Is this fastening the process? It's yet to be determined, even though I can see Microsoft revealing a Project Scorpio like the trailer at E3 2019 and then dropping all the details, and a date, at E3 2020 complete with pricing and launch lineup.

Is this a good timeline for you? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

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