Battlefield V Battle Royale Firestorm Coming By Criterion Games, Details On Objectives


Electronic Arts and DICE have shared more details about Firestorm, the battle royale mode coming as part of the Battlefield V multiplayer offering after November 20 launch.

As revealed for the first time, the battle royale mode is in the making at Criterion Games, the developer of the Burnout franchise, in cooperation with DICE. The two studios have already worked together on Star Wars Battlefront I and II.


The first details include:

  • Wage war in a ring of fire that slowly shrinks the battlefield – don’t get trapped
  • Fight to be the last infantry squad standing of 64 players in 16 squads
  • The game-changing addition of Battlefield vehicles lets you wipe out unsuspecting squads with a tank or drive to survive with transport vehicles
  • Work together as a squad to secure objectives that grant better and rare gear
  • Clash on the biggest Battlefield map to date
  • Transform the map with Destruction
  • Feel battle royale brought to life with stunning Battlefield graphics and audio
  • Matches are tied to your Company and Battlefield V progression

“There will be several types of Objectives in a Firestorm match. These will operate similar to those found in the iconic Conquest mode, except some will be found at fixed locations and some at random, with varying types of supplies, weapons, and vehicles. Work with your squad to play the Objectives and unlock the most valuable gear to increase your chances at being the last ones standing,” EA and DICE revealed.

“You and your squad must rewrite the definition of squad play on a massive Battlefield map. With no weapon loadout to start with, you’ll need to loot equipment scattered throughout the map. Securing Objectives and controlling key landmarks will define most confrontations, but how you and your squad get there – and how well equipped you are when you do – will never be the same.”

Looks like Battlefield V is going for a more team based approach in comparison with other battle royale games out there – is it going to be the best approach possible for the franchise?

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