Devil May Cry 5 Could Have Been DmC 2


Capcom has thought about the possibility of the new Devil May Cry game being DmC 2 instead of Devil May Cry 5, director Hideaki Itsuno has revealed in an interview with

“I really wanted to make a DmC: Devil May Cry 2, after the first one,” Itsuno said during the Tokyo Game Show, revealing that, while he really wanted that, some other team members were against the reprise of Ninja Theory’s work.


“I was really pumped up to do it, and then that didn’t happen. So… when it came time to make a new game, we said, alright, let’s make Devil May Cry 5.

We had these people that didn’t work on DmC and people that did. Because we had these two sides mixing, it was like alright, we’re going to make Devil May Cry 5 – it’s not going to be a sequel to DmC, but we definitely want to do what we can to take what we learned from that game too,” he said.

“One thing, if you think about it… it probably wouldn’t make sense to have these guys make a DmC 2,” continued Itsuno. 

“That’s something that Ninja Theory should collaborate with Capcom on, y’know? It would be different – it would lose something if we tried to do that only in Osaka. So it really made sense that we’d go to a sequel to DMC4. It’s something that the people in Osaka have more of a frame of reference for.”

Devil May Cry 5 is releasing worldwide March 8, 2019. And it’s not DmC 2.

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