Quantic Dream’s Next Game Could Release On Xbox and Windows


According to a new job listing, Quantic Dream’s next title might be going multi-platform for the first time in ages. The French developer is indeed seeking a senior PC engineer programmer.

Based on this listing, the developer is looking for people experienced with Direct3D 11 and 12, which seems to suggest that the studio has the will to start working on Microsoft’s platforms like Xbox and Windows.


It’s interesting to note that, as reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, Detroit: Become Human was the last game covered by a three-title publishing deal between Quantic Dream and Sony.

So, while we don’t foresee that the couple could split in the future, it’s possible that QD is starting to look into the matter of becoming more independent or grow and split into multiple teams doing different things on top of PS4 exclusives.

At this stage this is just speculation but, as a person who’s loved Heavy Rain and enjoyed its latest release Detroit (I’m not mentioning Beyond on purpose…), I would love to see the Paris-based studio go multiplatform so that more and more players could enjoy their adventures.

Could this really happen in the future? We’ll see…

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